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About Us

PageRaja - One Page Can Makes Your Identity

PageRaja - One Page Can Makes Your Digital Identity

What is PageRaja?

PageRaja is cloud based platform offering software to create digital business cards, design visiting cards, e-commerce store websites. PageRaja platform developed by four college students Rahul K Raj, Priya Chauhan, Suhasini Mishra and Rinki Yadav in 2020 (Lockdown Year 😊) to help micro small local businesses or those professions that can not afford hundreds of dollars to digitalize their businesses or services. The platform enables members to create business cards using pre build templates, personalize them as per preferences, add custom links for contact forms, payment buttons, etc, add social media links, add a call to action tab, and share them with the customers to manage contacts. Also PageRaja recently launched the PageRaja E-Commerce Builder for creating e-commerce site in minutes.

Our Mission

To provide digital identity on the internet by digital pages. We want to support and help micro, small, medium businesses to grow in this digital era and we try to provide best solution as affordabe as we can that can help them to create their digital identity on the internet and establish their brand on the internet.

PageRaja E-Commerce Builder - Launched in July - 2022

In July 2022, PageRaja launched its third product as PageRaja E-Commerce Builder. But we started working on this project in 2020, but we faced many issues in terms of money, time, our team's personal issues, etc, from 2020 to till now, In this phase, Our team got scattered too. and still we are facing many issues. but we always trying our best to give the best services to our users.

What is PageRaja E-Commerce Builder?

By using PageRaja E-Commerce Builder you can easily create your online store website in just few minutes, no programming knowledge required. Only you need to fill your store name, choose templates, insert categories and products, configure shipping and payment options and that's it. You are LIVE in just few minutes.


PageRaja Visiting Card Maker - Launched in February - 2021

In February 2021, PageRaja expanded it's services and launched its second product as PageRaja Visiting Card Maker. In this phase, our team was facing many issues that's why we couldn't take this module to an advanced level.

What is PageRaja Visiting Card Maker?

A visiting card is also known as a calling card is mostly used for handing out a particular individual's contact details. This concept is quite old and somewhat inspired the business card later on. The card bears the seal of the brand, along with that individual's name, number, and designation. By using PageRaja Visiting Card Maker you can easily create your card in minutes.


PageRaja Business Card - Launched in October - 2020

In October 2020, PageRaja was born and launched its first service, PageRaja Business Card.

What is PageRaja Business Card?

By using PageRaja Business Card entrepreneur, professionals, industries, startup, small businesses, and individual peoples create their profile cards easily and promote their work digitally.

PageRaja provides lots of templates design that fit with your business. PageRaja team working continuously on improving the quality of these designs that attract your client.


Make Your Business Live in Minutes

You can easily create your business card by filling in some data and in a few steps, you can go live with your business with our pre-build impressive templates.

Prebuild & Impressive Templates

We provide many pre-build & impressive templates and it is updated day by day to define your business and help to grow your business digitally.


Easily Access To Your Business Profile Via QR Code

Anyone can easily access your business profile by simply scanning QR Code, and in one click anyone can contact you.