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PageRaja - One Page Can Makes Your Identity

PageRaja - One Page Can Makes Your Digital Identity

What is PageRaja ?

PageRaja is a digital platform where entrepreneur, professionals, industries, startup, small businesses, and individual peoples create their profile cards easily and promote their work digitally.

PageRaja provides lots of templates design that fit with your business. PageRaja team working continuously on improving the quality of these designs that attract your client.


Make Your Business Live in Minutes

You can easily create your business card by filling in some data and in a few steps, you can go live with your business with our pre-build impressive templates.

Prebuild & Impressive Templates

We provide many pre-build & impressive templates and it is updated day by day to define your business and help to grow your business digitally.


Easily Access To Your Business Profile Via QR Code

Anyone can easily access your business profile by simply scanning QR Code, and in one click anyone can contact you.